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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


What in the world Japaguri is??? ahhahahahahha those who watch tv show "Appa odiga?" sure know what it is. Hoo and Minguk seems to love this food so much lol actually its just two types of instant noodles that you cooked together lololololol im not gonna post the photos of the instant noodles bc TBH i forgot to take the pics. just buy two regular Ramyeon noodles (i buy the spicy one because i friggin love spicy food) and Jajangmyeon noodles (any brand will do) in grocery store .how to make it? as simple as you make ramyeon BUT dont pour the spices powder to the pan . we will do it later after both the noodles are cooked through, pour out all the water . and mix the spices powder and Jajang sauce into the noodles. well, because its actually two packages of noodle. be sure not to eat it alone lolol its waaaaaaay too much. share it with your friends :) well, i guess thats it. those who wondering what are those kids eating in "Appa odiga" will know that its just two types of instant noodles. its so delicious ~~ go try :)

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