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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

beetroot smoothie

I love this  smoothie sooo much . I think I drink this almost everyday last week? Gah sooo good!!!

all you need for a serving of this smoothie is:

125 gr cooked beetroot
125 gr frozen strawberry
1 banana
1 cup milk or 240 ml
1 scoop vanilla ice cream

just blend it :) and serve . if u want to add ice cube then its up to you :D

Friday, August 1, 2014


actually im using the same recipe as the recipe --> click here! im just using the different method of wrapping the dough and the cooking method. i think its the most famous one. people call it pot sticker . its crunchy at the bottom and still chewy at at the top . how? lets do it!
  • Add some oil to the non sticking pan. add the dumplings. Fry till base of dumplings is light brown.
  • Then add water surrounding the dumplings. Heat on medium high and cover with the lid on. Let the water boils, the steam will cook the dumplings. 
  • When you can hear pan is lightly sizzling when all the water is boiling off. Remove the lid and let the dumplings fry a little longer till the  base is golden and crisp. 
  • its ready to eat with the dipping sauce