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Friday, September 14, 2012

mini nasi tumpeng for my birthday

tadaaaa, its my bithday today ! yes, im officially a 22 years old woman now :D i met my ex boyfriend for the first time after the day we broke up 3 months ago bc we have the same professor !! what a birthday ! *sarcasm* wonder why , two people could caught up in love before and be as icy cold as north pole after broke up. only formal hand shaking for my birthday , no staring into my eyes , no warm smile . nothing . as if 2 years means nothing . my professor even said happy birthday gleefully . bish! lol enough with the ex boyfriend talk :D im a happy girl ! :)

lately , ive joined some cooking club including this group for indonesian food blogger . they all are awesome . pfffttt dont even compare them with me . im just a small fish in the ocean lol this blog post half dedicated to my birthday and also for the challenge from indonesianfoodblogger . its about a rice festive since they are also celebrating their anniversary. what else if its not nasi tumpeng? :D since i dont know anything else beside nasi tumpeng . i asked my mom about it whether she will make me one or not for my birthday and she said " you can cook by urself now, just found the book on my desk about nasi tumpeng" .wow so thoughtful! yea righhhttt, mother! :p

turn out to be my mom was talking about this cook book that tells everything about nasi tumpeng. from the decorating, the recipe it self even the history ! my mom is blessed! <3 its from Sedap Tabloid . august 2000 edition lolololol i was like 10 years old then :D thank u mother for the treasure. 

as u can see the picture , i made nasi kuning, ayam bumbu bali, tempe/tahu bacem, urap, telur dadar, perkedel kentang, and telor pindang . hmmmm excuse me admin, do i have to write all the recipes??? oh mah gad !!! *puts all exo M's song to calm my self down* here we go ! :)

nasi kuning's recipe :

800 gr rice 
2 tbsp tumeric paste 
1000 ml coconut milk 
3 bay leafs 
1 lemongrass, bruised 
1 tsp salt 

lol hmmmm just use the magic of rice cooker , will you all? :p im sorry im just a lazy ass :/ *headdesk* tadaaa !just let the rice cooker does the magic for us hihihihi

ayam bumbu bali's recipe: 

4 pcs chicken breast 
4 lime leafs 
750 ml coconut milk 
2 tbsp coconut oil 

spices paste: 
7 red chillies 
4 garlics 
6 red onions 
4 hazelnut 
salt to taste 

stir fry spices paste until the fragrance came out 
add lime leafs. 
add chicken. cook until its half cooked 
add coconut milk . after the coconut milk is thicken and the spices seems well absorbed then set aside. 

tempe/tahu bacem:

10 tofus 
10 tempe 
500 water from coconut 
4 bay leafs 
2 cm galangal 
1 tbsp soy sauce 
coconut oil for frying 

spices paste: 
6 onions 
1 tbsp coriander 
2 garlics 
3 hazelnut 
75 gr red sugar 
1/2 tbsp salt 

put all the ingredients in a boiler pan . cook until the spices well absorbed . 
fry tahu/ tempe until golden brown 

urap :

250 gr been sprouts 
100 gr cassava leafs 
20 long beans, cuts 3cm each 
1 coconut meat , shreds 
2 bay leafs 
2 cm galangal 
2 tbsp cooking oil 

spices paste: 
3 red chillies 
5 red onions 
3 garlics 
1 tsp tangarine 
3 cm kencur 
1/2 tsp baked terasi 
3 tbsp water 
1 tbsp red sugar 
1 tsp salt 

cook all the vegetable with a pinch of salt until tender .set aside 
stir fry all the ingredients for spices paste until the fragrance came out . 
add galangal and bay leafs 
add shredded coconut meat . stir it until well incorporated with the paste. 
add water , stir until the water is well absorbed. 

telor pindang:

10 eggs 
25 guava leafs 
4 tbsp salt 
25 gram red onion skins 

put every things on the large cooking pot. 
cook for 1 hour till the eggs become a bit brownish 
*my mom tips* peel the skin eggs after its cool down , and put them down again to the cooking pot for another 5 minutes . so the color of the eggs will look good. 

telor dadar:

5 eggs 
1/2 tsp salt 
2 tbsp cooking oil 

i dont think i need to explain how to make it lol just beat the eggs then pour it into the medium pan. 
cook thoroughly then slice it .


Well, ive posted the recipe before .so, all u have to do is just click this link --> click me!

finally, what a long post indeed *wipesweats* . after all the components are ready . just decor prettily with banana leaves . you can just google it if u dont have this book that i use hehehhe btw, happy birthday to me again <3 lets work harder than yesterday <3 and happy birthday also for indonesianfoodblogger . i hope we will make more good memories in the future :) 

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