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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


holla !!! another korean recipe of the month from beloved Maangchi :DDDDD it looks sooooooooo good right only from the picture? :D what is pajeon? based on wikipedia Pajeon is a variety of jeon (pancake) with green onions as its prominent ingredient, as pa literally means 'green/spring onion' in Korean. It is a pancake-like Korean dish made from a batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, green onions, and often other additional ingredients depending on the variety. Beef, pork, kimchi, shellfish, and other seafood are mostly used. its type of snack for korean people. i used to see it in every korean drama that i watch :D

want to learn how to make it? let's learn from the master herself, Maangchi --> click here 
hei, its easy peasy :D dont be lazy to try this recipe at home :)

baguette sandwich

have u ever tried sandwich made from baguette? it is soooooooooo good , right?  its more crusty and more filing for me hahhahhahahhaha actually this is a simple dish . the key is to sizzle olive oil to the baguette and reheat it at the pan (both side) the baguette will turn so crusty and there is nothing bad about a warm bread hahhahah

move to the filling . well, ofc fresh veggies , onion , and a choice of protein u like . in this one, i use only smoked beef which i stir fry along with onion ahhahahhahah thats all . the dressing well im so lazy so i just use mayo and tomato sauce :D thats all ? yes! thats all <3333333 now u now what to make for ur family this sunday for breakfast !!!!