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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


hey guys, since this blog is already changed its purpose . i guess im gonna edit this post hehehhe bc when i wrote the previous one, idk that im gonna make it into a cooking blog :D but now, since most of all my posts is about recipes. please, love me alot :) go follow me and leave some comments also hehehhee

I think there are so many people know it already that i find my happiness in the kitchen . baking some cakes while swinging my hips to the music , knead some doughs while banging my head to the beat , or tasting the batter while humming to the melody . thats my fav things to do in the world :) and they all are priceless !

so here we go, i run a business that related to my happiness . yes yes yes ! i sell cakes and cupcakes <3 you all can see some of my creation here click me!  go order some hehhehe *winks*

uhmm,people .i m thinking that i want to use my personal blog to share some of my recipe plus step by step how to bake. who is agree w/ me? sharing is caring ,right?? plus , we all as a human never stop to learn . im thinking if i posted my baking journey, i could learn back from my reader :)  how awesome is that !!!!!
but, i warn you its going to be a bumpy ride !!!! my first phase of baking is really tough! sometimes,  i over baked the batter , or i made it too sweet , or too flourish errrrrrrr . so girls, lets do it together !!!!!!!!

p.s : credit photos are belong to the rightful owners