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Thursday, January 19, 2012

egg,cheese&smoked beef risoles

well, im gonna tell you if  you google'ed this kind of recipe . there will be tons of them! i got a bit overwhelmed after i tried to google it LOL then, i decided to follow my instinct to make this recipe . here we go!

crepes ingredients  :
200 gr fluor
2 egg
pinch of salt
500 ml milk

filling ingredients:
3 sheets smoked beef, divided into 6 parts
3 steamed eggs, divided into 6 parts

special cheese sauce ingredients:
150 gr cheese
2 tbsp margarine
1 onion
200 ml milk

topping ingredients  :
1 egg
1 tbsp milk
bread crumbs

  1. lets make the cheese sauce first for filling . melt the butter in a pan using a very small heat, saute onion. then add milk . last add grated cheese . stir it carefully until well incorporated and cheese has melted.
  2. then lets make the batter for the crepe. just add together all the ingredients in a bowl . 
  3. using a medium skillet , pour the batter one by one scoop and make it a round&thin until brown .do it until the batter is all finished.
  4. take one of the crepe, fill it with smoked beef, ur special cheese sauce and egg. fold it into a square shape.
  5. before u fry it, roll the risoles you have to the egg then roll it to the bread crumbs.

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