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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

vegetable spring rolls

omg!!! i cant believe im gonna craving for vegetables !!!! last week is the big days for moslems as we celebrate idul fitri and the tradition for moslems in my country is like to throw a family party for the whole family with the all kinds of meat and coconut oil kind of dishes . it taste heavenly off course but for almost a week? mehhhh , im stuffed! i just want some vegetable dear good God lol i remember i still have tons of that expensive rice papers that i bought at imported grocery store in Ramadhan . OMG!!! i need to fill them in with some vegetables and dip it at a bowl of delicious peanut sauce :D i just cant get this feeling off lololololol

there are a lot of spring rolls type. vietnamese, thailands, chinese, even indonesian . this recipe below is just my version of using the vegetables i like . so, u can add or remove anything based on ur liking :)  oh and i didnt put the amount of ingredients , just bc the recipe is truly based on ur liking . u wanna put carrots more or beansprouts more , well its up to u :)

  • rice paper wrappers
  • carrots, cut as matchsticks
  • beansprouts
  • shrimp
  • cilantro 
  • rice vermicelli
  1. prepare all the filling first . boil carrots with water and a pinch of salt . do the same to beansprouts and shrimps and rice vermicelli
  2. then simply dip each wrapper individually in a plate of shallow room temperature water. Allow to soften (less than a minute) and then gently remove.
  3. Roll up with the filling above. 
  4. serve it with peanut sauce. i buy the ready to use one :) bc im that lazy lololololol

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