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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pizza party

wohoooooo i made a lot of pizza yesterday. like probably 12? lmao my relatives were coming, so yeah. gotta make something easy but delish for them. I bought the prebaked pizza dough and the topping that i need at monday :) I only did 3 topping tho . it takes time already lol hmmmm actually i plan to make 4 topping but as the time i make those pizzas, i see that i still have a lot of the ingredients. so, i stick with the remaining ingredients. in fact , i made a bake rice with the left over lol wanna know whats the ingredients for the toppings? please click the link below :)

here we go! that is  a picture at the grocery store :)  ok , i did once made the pizza dough by myself but its so tiring and so time consuming. and trust me if u r gonna make 12 pans of pizza, u dont want to make the dough by ur self. thanks God,there is a prebaked pizza dough ! ahhhh its not expensive, its delish. so , why not? 

i did 3 toppings as i said earlier, lemme break it down for you:
  • the classic combination of pizza sauce, smoked beef, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella
  • grilled chicken, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella
  • pizza sauce, minced beef, tomato, basil and mozzarella
yep, thats all! im not that wild when it comes to pizza. i stick with the classic ingredients. when u come to the pizza restaurant, u might see thousands of different topping but in the end the classic and the most basic one is the one that you choose. or is it just me? lol anyway , there is a lot left over, so i took some rice and mix it all with the left over and bake it ahahhaha and thats what i have for my dinner :D cant waste anything in my kitchen :)

bye :)

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