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Monday, March 3, 2014

strawberry milkshake

as u all know , im a fan of strawberry , i practically eat strawberries like candies lol i usually buy 4 boxes at once. actually this is a recipe from my boss. her child dont like to drink milk , so this is her way for the boys to drink milk lol

just left over strawberry. frozen it at ur freezer, fresh milk , and vanilla ice cream . thats all . no need sugar for me bc its already sweet with the vanilla ice cream . no need whipping cream bc its rich already from fresh whole milk . so lemme break it down to u :)
  1. take out the frozen strawberry
  2. dump it at ur blender
  3. pour the milk until the strawberry is covered
  4. bzzzzzzzbzzzzz lets the machine work
  5. add ice cream , blend it again until u find the perfect taste based on ur preference
  6. thats all 
until next time :)

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