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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

baguette sandwich

have u ever tried sandwich made from baguette? it is soooooooooo good , right?  its more crusty and more filing for me hahhahhahahhaha actually this is a simple dish . the key is to sizzle olive oil to the baguette and reheat it at the pan (both side) the baguette will turn so crusty and there is nothing bad about a warm bread hahhahah

move to the filling . well, ofc fresh veggies , onion , and a choice of protein u like . in this one, i use only smoked beef which i stir fry along with onion ahhahahhahah thats all . the dressing well im so lazy so i just use mayo and tomato sauce :D thats all ? yes! thats all <3333333 now u now what to make for ur family this sunday for breakfast !!!! 

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