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Thursday, November 19, 2015

fav sandwich!

In this blog post, lemme tell you about my favorite sandwich! My favorite sandwich is all related to avocados. Avocados for me are the vegan version of butter. I love the texture when you combine it with crusty bread. The very basic sandwiches will probably avocados with chili flakes. This is so amazing. I probably already eat this a million times in my whole life. I never thought that I am gonna make a blog post about it considering it’s just a pretty basic food I have at home.

Now the basic is already been revealed, it is all up to what I have in refrigerator. It could be chicken, egg, shrimp, or any other protein. I will add it to the top of the avocados hehehhe Isn’t easy to make sandwich? Well, at least it is easy to make my favorite sandwich! So, until next time ~

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