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Monday, January 6, 2014

chicken nugget

you guys def have to watch  food revolution by Jamie Oliver, that tv show is very shocking and moving. i no longer buy any frozen nuggets ever since. and u know what , making ur own chicken nugget is very easy and more delicious ! u got to choose ur own coating lol actually people using bread crumbs but i decided to use crushed potato chips lmao its tastier off course ! :p
the show is basically saying in this generation people dont cook by them selves, only using frozen and ready to cook ingredients from large factory instead of cooking with fresh ingredients. thank god, i always use fresh ingredient at home. my mom def against the frozen ingredients. so i kinda follow her since i was young.

ok back to chicken nugget :) basically what u just need to do is cut the breast chicken into nugget size, coating with flour, egg then coat it with crush potato chips :D fry it until golden brown. thats all . easy, right? go try it at home! :D


  1. nice, maya ... gonna try this recipe soon!! thank youu ;)