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Friday, July 4, 2014

avacado and chicken sandwich

what a hearty breakfast we have here :) 3 components:
  • warm bread
  • fresh avocado & tomatoes
  • grilled breast chicken
yep that’s all . If you want to impress ur boyfriend by cooking good breakfast , u def have to try it :D all you need to do is sizzle some olive oil to the bread and just reheat it at pan ,so the bread will be warm and crusty.  Now move on to the chicken, this is what i love to do when i grill my chicken maybe because im asian i love sesame oil soooo much , so i just put 2:1 sesame oil and soy sauce and a bit of pepper then coat the chicken into the mixture or better to leave it to the refrigerator for 30 mins then grill it .

now, u just have to stack the bread , avocado , tomatoes and chicken :D that’s all . Its really really a good combination for sandwich , sooooooo good coz the bread is sooo crusty but then the avacado is buttery , the tomatoes give a sweet-acid feel then the chicken is just tasty and moist . damnnnn describing this makes me want to make one for me :D good luck try it at home!

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