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Thursday, July 10, 2014

jiaozi 饺子

omg, i love it so much. i think i can eat at least 20 jiaozi in one serving :) hehehheheheh ive mastered how to make the dumpling dough now!!! im just using high protein flour (bread flour) and water . thats all . the comparison is if the flour is 100 gr then the water (tap water) is 50 ml. it could make 10 pcs regular jiaozi. i usually make 50 pcs . so, i need 500 gr flour and 250 ml water. hehehhehe

whats jiaozi? whats dumpling? is it the same???? ahahahhaha i guess you all confused!!! here its what wikipedia says Jiǎozi (simplified Chinese饺子traditional Chinese餃子)  is a Chinese dumpling widely spread to Nepal, Japan, Eastern and Western Asia. Jiaozi typically consists of a ground meat and/or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. Jiaozi should not be confused with wonton; jiaozi has a thicker skin and a relatively flatter, more oblate, double-saucer like shape (similar in shape to ravioli), and is usually eaten with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce (and/or hot chili sauce); while wontons have thinner skin, have square skins, and are usually served in broth. The dough for the jiaozi and wonton wrapper also consist of different ingredients.
Chinese dumplings (jiaozi) may be divided into various types depending on how they are cooked:
  1. Boiled dumplings: (shuijiao) literally "water dumpling" (水餃; pinyin: shuǐjiǎo).
  2. Steamed dumplings: (zhengjiao) literally "steam dumpling" (蒸餃; pinyin: zhēngjiǎo).
  3. Pan fried dumplings: (guotie) literally "pan stick", known as "potstickers" in N. America, (鍋貼; pinyin: guōtiē), also referred to as "dry-fried dumplings" (煎餃; pinyin:jiānjiǎo).
as you can see , i made zhengjiao :D lets get start it !!!
  • 500g  bread flour
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 250 ml water
  • 500g minced beef
  • 350 gr Chinese leaf, chopped
  • about 6-7 stalks of spring onion (scallion)
  • 2 tbsp of light soy
  • 2 tsp of sesame oil
  • 2 tsp of cornstarch 
  • salt and pepper 
  • some chopped spring onion
  • some sesame oil

  1. lets first make the dough. Put flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Pour nearly all the water in, mix to form the dough. Keep mixing with the rest of water. Cover and leave to rest for about 15 - 20 minutes. Then knead till smooth. Cover and rest again for about 5 - 10 minutes.
  2. Then cut the dough into half. Roll each piece of dough into a long sausage, dust with a little flour if required, cut the dough into 20 - 25 pieces. Dust the pieces generously with flour, then flatten each piece, set aside. Roll the other piece of dough, cut and flatten. Dust all the pieces with more flour if required to ensure they do not stick later.
  3. To make the filling, mix Chinese leaf with salt and leave aside for about 15 minutes while you mix the dough, then squeeze the vegetable with both hands to release as much liquid as possible. Discard liquid. Mix all the filling ingredients together. set aside.
  4. Take one of the dough, roll it out very thin. 
  5. Put some filling on the rolled out pastry. Gently fold half the pastry over. Press the edge of the pastry with both thumbs. You need to press very firm to ensure good seal. 
  6. Dust a tray with flour before you put the dumplings on, also best to lightly coat each dumpling with a little flour too so when you put all together on the tray they will not stick to each other. When you have made all the dumplings you can now cook them.
  7. prepare for the steam and steam for 15 minutes
  8. serve with soy sauce and sesame seeds.

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