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Thursday, January 1, 2015

kimchi jjigae

Rainy season is perfect for any kind of soup including kimchi soup aka kimchi jjigae. Red pepper paste is something that always ready in my kitchen so making kimchi jjigae is not a big deal for me at all.  I am so lucky to have a huge korean grocery store in my area so fresh kimchi is not something that hard to find. There are also packed kimchi out there to use if its hard to find homemade kimchi.  But in this recipe i use a homemade kimchi that ahjumma sell at Mugunghwa .

As always for korean recipe, my guru is Maangchi hehehhe I will direct link her blog as always .click me

As a moslem its a no no to use pork so I am using beef instead in this recipe. Other than that,nope . I did not change the recipe from her because you know the deal. Do not ever doubt Maangchi :D

Ok guys. That's it for this post. Hope you all have the courage to try this recipe.  Don't discourage because of the color. It's not that spicy plus its perfect for the season.

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