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Monday, February 2, 2015

calamari pasta

TBH i never a fan of seafood before but somehow as the years goes by, I amm starting to love seafood esp squid . yummm fried calamari, spicy calamari, calamari with salted egg sauce etc etc I LOOOOOVE IT!! now, calamari became one of those frozen veggies that always ready in my refrigerator just in case im craving for a serious greasy fried calamari hahahhahahaha but today its a bit different, coz i was so starving . i decided to make pasta with calamari. u know me :p im just using ready to use marinara sauce hahhahahah

so i just stir fry the calamari with garlic in olive oil then when it's half cooked i add some white wine then i leave it until its cooked through. Then i add the sauce, season it with salt & pepper then stir in the pasta. that is all :) 

it just needs 15 mins in total. sooooo good, so fulfilling and soooooo easy to make. Please give it a try at your kitchen :p

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