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Monday, February 2, 2015

egg avocado toast

For you out there who don't fancy breakfast (just like me :p) this is a game changer lol i like it so much till the point that i spend 15 mins to sit to enjoy my breakfast. Usually, im just too busy to bother to eat breakfast. Breakfast only consists of coffee and muesli for me. that is all. but this one oh this one my friends, i can eat it for years. I love it so much. Add chilli or tomato sauce for the extra spiciness but for me a breakfast like this is just perfect. it only takes 5 minutes. im gonna let you know how i usually make this every day.
  1. toast the bread
  2. while u are doing it, in a pan boil some water. after its boiling, take your timer. set it for 1 minute, drop the egg. then after 1 minute, turn off the stove. put the lid onto the pan. set again for 5 minutes. leave the eggs.
  3. now move on lol peel the avocado
  4. this minute, your bread is ready. put the bread in a plate, add avocado and that gooey soft boiled eggs on top.
  5. season with salt , pepper and paprika powder
 tadaaaaaaa, that is all :) it's easy, right? 

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