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Monday, June 25, 2012

my cooking inspiration

hello, im back not with a recipe but a list of people who inspire me to cook :D there is Kristen Stewart on the first list bc not gonna lie ,she is the FIRST one who introduce me to cook but since i already make a post about her earlier ---> click me!, im gonna exclude her in this post then :) ok, lets reveal my cooking inspiration one by one :)

Donna Hay
she is a chef from Australia . i often watch her show at TLC . what i love about her dishes , its always fresh , delicious and easy ! so, i often watch her ready with book and pens to write all of her recipes :D

Jamie Oliver
omg! i think ive watched his cooking show since 10 years ago, maybe :D  british man with hot accent with superb cooking skills ! what more u could ask for :ppppp

Adriano Zumbo
isnt he a cutie????? :DDDD i first know him when i watch masterchef AU :D his specialty is cakery and pastry ,thats why i put more attention for him . their episode when there s him as a special judge make the show more interesting bc he always put a high standard and a very difficult recipe to be followed lololol
Farah quinn
she is (i think) the most famous chef in my country . she is drop dead gorgeous . watching her cooking show every saturday and monday never fails me ! she used to work at white house but later come to her home country and became a celebrity chef ,here :D
Victoria song
ok, the last one! my fav girl all over the world after Kristen Stewart !  she is definitely not a chef lol she is a singer with a great cooking skill . i just love her at the first sight when i see her cooking ahhhhhh a beautiful woman with a packed schedule but still cooking for herself or for the other member of her group! what a perfect idol :D love love love you,vic! u guys check her group please. she is the leader :) her group is f(x) . i gotta see her on SMTown concert this year ! ihihihihihi

well, i think thats all :D see you with another recipe :D

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