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Thursday, June 14, 2012

pizza pastry

call me crazy or irrational lol but i love experimenting new things on my kitchen :D today, i made pizza topping on the pastry sheet lolololololol how could i???!!! ahahhaha so, i still have some pastry sheet left over and i was so stressed last night :( i decided to go to my sweet escape.well, no its not my boyfriend , its not malls either . its uhhhhmmmm grocery store! i spent 5 hours there just pushing my shopping carts and buy anything for my bakery purposes and my kitchen necessaries . well, after that . i was beyond happy :DDD i got home and cook my self a bowl of ramen and decided that tomorrow im gonna make pizza pastry .aha!!! so,just like i planned. today i made it finally after did my laundry *fyuuuh* here we goooooo!!! :)

  • ready to bake pastry , cut it round 20 cm 
  • tomatoes
  • paprika
  • mushroom
  • beef sausage
  • cheddar cheese
  • tomato sauce
  • mayonnaise
  1.  prepare the ready-to-bake-pastry sheet . take ur fork ,and give a great amounts of holes to the pastry sheet. so ,it wont too puffy after you baked it.
  2. spread the mixture of mayo and tomato sauce
  3. add shredded cheddar cheese (its better if u combine with mozzarella cheese but i dont have in my kitchen. i seriously thought i still have it on my refrigerator . i think my mom used it without telling me)
  4. add tomato, beef sausage, mushroom and paprika. basically u can add anything u want .
  5. bake for `15 minutes in high temperature


  1. wow pastry sheets for pizza. cool maya !!!

    1. :D thanks ,Elsa :) thats the beauty of cooking ehhehe we could do anything hihihi