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Sunday, June 10, 2012

food bazaar

My first food bazaar :D well, last Saturday I participated a bazaar at SMAN 3 Jakarta . well, its my high school, TBH lol my purposes by attending this bazaar is gaining attention for my bakery . so I give them free cupcakes if they bought 3 macaroni schotel :D yep, I sell macaroni schotel instead of cupcakes . I give the cupcakes for free instead!!! Isn’t it so generous of me? lololol and also its Gita teladan drum and brass corps 30th birthday! I grew up as a part of them . im so proud! Happy birthday my beloved marching band! Lets be a respected marching band in this country just like we used to !!! i want the victory days to come back to us!!! It’s about the time, don’t u think ? *winks* 

Here are some pictures from the bazaar :D 

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