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Monday, December 1, 2014


omo !!!!!! blame it to Victoria for making me craving tangsuyuk oh mah god this girl!!!!!!!!! i changed the pork with the beef tho :) and tangsuyuk is not tangsuyuk without a bowl of jajangmyon ahahahhahah its a complete package :D if you are a fan of Korean music, drama or variety show. u must seen this dish a lot . its a sour sweet sauce covered in a crispy beef with fresh veggies. omg its so mouth watering. nom nom nom

im using another maangchi recipe for korean food . i will give you the link click me! sometimes i substitute one or two the original ingredients, but for tangsuyuk recipe , i did not. everything is easy to get . so , i did every step just like her instruction :) come on girl, its easy :) u can def do it at home :DDDD and left some comment in Maangchi's blog as well to say thanks for the amazing recipe. see you :)

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