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Thursday, April 26, 2012

lets decor our own cupcakes!

a month ago, i attended a workshop for decorating cupcakes . i attended this event bc i thought i could learn a couple of things for my business purposes . well, turn out to be that the woman who gives the lecture is one of the girl from a community that i follow hehehhe what a small world! so, instead of sitting nicely ,listening to her . i ended up also giving the other attendee some lessons to decorate our cupcakes hehehhehe

here are some pictures from the event :

i really want to upload all  the pictures but i think i have no right to publish them huhuhuhu so, i only uploaded 3 pictures . well anyway, i had so much fun that day!it makes me thinking that maybe i should also open a cooking course at  my home . hmmmmm what do u think?

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